Commitment to Quality

Good products start with good fish. Connétable carefully selects its raw materials in accordance with specific criteria for each species, all the while respecting the fundamental principles of responsible fishing.

In order to provide you with the best possible products, we rigorously check the quality of our fish, taking into account its taste, flavor, fat content, and freshness.

Respect de la Qualité

We also make sure the cold chain has been respected.

In addition, tests are conducted upstream with suppliers to ensure only those are selected who meet our strict quality criteria.

Our supply managers focus on our preferred fishing areas, and avoid suppliers who source from less desirable areas to guarantee that all safety and compliance-related requirements are met.

Did you know?

Once we receive our fish, we always check its texture, freshness, and appearance. We also make sure the cold chain has been respected.

Respect des femmes et des hommes

Consideration for women and men

Connétable is committed to ensuring that the working conditions of its employees and partners are safe. We therefore comply with the international labor standards of the ILO (International Labour Organization), whose mission is to establish fundamental rights and principles in the workplace.

Did you know?

We only work with suppliers and fisheries that comply with the guidelines of the ILO.

If a supplier is based in a country that has yet to ratify the convention, we only work with them if they agree to a contract “recognizing decent work as a fundamental and essential pillar of the commercial partnership.”

Commitment to transparency

We provide detailed information on fishing areas as well as things like our packaging so you can make the best choices as a consumer. With our Red Label products, you can even find the name of the fishing boat. Whenever possible, we purchase our fish from suppliers directly.

Respect de la transparence

A matter of trust

Thanks to the “traceability” marker on our cans of tuna, you can discover the type of tuna, the fishing area and method, the name of the boat, and the production location. Simply visit our “Traceability” page to obtain this information.